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Animals return your affection
by Tommy Hunt
Aug 22, 2013 | 195 views | 0 0 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend | print
I read the letter published in the Daily Corinthian on Aug. 18 about “animals being thrown out with the trash.” I was so glad someone else besides me have feelings for dogs and cats -- especially dogs.

Do people not realize these are not “just animals?” They have feelings and emotions just like we do.

We went to the animal shelter a few times looking for a special puppy. We got one that was very precious, but unknowing to us, she had severe pneumonia and died three weeks later. We went back two more times and found two different dogs we seriously wanted, Each one was promised to us as we were the first to ask, but both of them were given to someone else. One uncaring family let their dog out within a week and it was killed by a car. I still have not got over this.

We bought a dog from a well-known kennel. Then, a short while back, a tiny puppy was dropped off on our road. It was at the point of death, seriously dehydrated and starved. I felt sure I would have to bury it the next day. My wife took exceptionally care of it and we still have it.

Both of these dogs are like our own children. They are fed very well and kept groomed and never go outside where they can get ticks and fleas. They also have slept with us from day one. Point being -- we see their emotions and know their feelings. Can you imagine how one might feel to go hungry, be cold, sleep on the hard ground and kicked around? Anyone doing this to a precious animal would also treat a human that way.

If you have a dog and don’t intend to love and care for it, give it to someone who will. Love them and they’ll love you in return.

Tommy Hunt

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