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Obama's foreign policy has been one of retreat
by Cal Thomas
Dec 27, 2014 | 5 views | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Is it possible to hold two seemingly contradictory thoughts about the president's decision to partially end the half-century embargo against Cuba? Can one agree with conservative critics, from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), to Rush Limbaugh about how the Castro brothers are, apparently, getting everything they want and how the U.S. gets nothing but promises from a repressive regime that lies – and still back the president's decision? I will try. President Obama's foreign policy has been one of retreat and coddling of tyrants with no positive results for the U.S. But perhaps without realizing it, his decision to remove some of the restrictions on travel to Cuba for some Americans, to allow the purchase of some Cuban products and open the possibility that American businesses might soon return to the island may be the diplomatic equivalent of the joint U.S.-Israeli project that slowed Iran's progress toward manufacturing a nuclear weapon. Light overcomes darkness and the darkness that is communism is best dispelled by the light of capitalism. Yes, the return of some American money to Cuba might temporarily prop up the Castro regime, but it will also have the beneficial effect of not allowing Fidel and his brother Raul to continue blaming Cuba's bad economy solely on the U.S. embargo. When the Cuban people are exposed to the possibility of a better life in their own country, they are likely to increase their demands for freedoms they have been denied for more than five decades. When President Kennedy announced an embargo on all trade with Cuba on Feb. 3, 1962, he cited as his rationale the close ties the communist country had with the Soviet Union. Since the Soviet Union's collapse and the economic problems now faced by Russia, and with socialist Venezuela no longer able to act as an economic sugar daddy to Cuba, due to falling oil prices, that rationale no longer exists. Rather than attempting to block the partial lifting of the embargo, the new Republican Congress should require reciprocity from the Cuban government before lifting additional restrictions. Among other things, President Raul Castro has promised to open access to the Internet for the Cuban people. Making sure he follows through ought to be a top U.S. priority. There is no faster way to spread freedom than to expose Cuba to the outside world and allow accurate information to trump communist propaganda. Another condition ought to be the repatriation of black radical Joanne Chesimard. In 1973, she was convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper. She broke out of prison in 1979 with the aid of accomplices from the Black Liberation Army and the leftist Weather Underground. Chesimard fled to Cuba. She's been there ever since. An estimated 70 fugitives are hiding from American justice in Cuba. Repatriating them would enhance good relations between the two governments. With those provisions and the realization that communists usually lie to the West, I'm with the president's decision on this one. As he said, the policy of the last 50 years isn't working. He, or Republicans, might apply that same logic to domestic programs that aren't working. If the partial lifting of America's embargo against Cuba leads to the eventual collapse of the communist government and the return of freedom, Cuba libre (a mixture of Cuban rum and American Coca Cola) might just be the drink and toast of choice of the Cuban people in a liberated Havana. (Cal Thomas' latest book is "What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America" is available in bookstores now. Readers may email Cal Thomas at tcaeditors@tribune.com.)
Bobo named Offensive Co-MVP
by H. Lee Smith II
Dec 26, 2014 | 18 views | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Kossuth Weston Bobo finished 30 yards shy of becoming a double 1,000-yard performer. The senior quarterback was named Co-Offensive MVP of Division 1-3A following a recent meeting of coaches from the league’s six teams. Bobo rushed for a team-high 970 yards and passed for 1,399 yards in helping Kossuth to a 9-4 mark and third-place finish in the division. All told, the senior accounted for 2,369 yards and 21 scores for the Aggies. He had season highs of 303 yards passing against Alcorn Central and 199 yards rushing against Belmont. Bobo and Mooreville’s Tay Rucker shared the offensive honors. North Pontotoc’s Brooks Shannon was named league MVP, with Belmont’s Chandler Higginbottom earning the Defensive MVP. Kossuth led the way with eight total selections among the top awards and 25 Super 22 spots. North Pontotoc, Booneville and Mooreville had six players each on the squad. Belmont had three, while Alcorn Central was shutout. In addition to Bobo, Logan Morton (WR) and Ty Dickson (OL) were among the Aggies selected on the offensive side. Linebackers Zaen Harbin and Elijah Potts were joined by Matthew Steward (DB), Jaley Adams (DL) and Evan Cooper (P) on the defensive unit. Super 22 Coaching Staff -- North Pontotoc MVP -- Brooks Shannon, Sr., North Pontotoc Offensive MVP -- Weston Bobo, Sr., Kossuth; Tay Rucker, Jr., Mooreville Defensive MVP -- Chandler Higginbottom, Sr., Belmont Offense QB -- Jack Simpson, Sr., Booneville RB -- Xavier Cullens, So., North Pontotoc RB -- James Christian, Sr., Booneville WR -- Chris Rucker, Sr., Mooreville WR -- Greg Gambrel, Sr., North Pontotoc WR -- Logan Morton, Sr., Kossuth OL -- Storm Moore, Sr., North Pontotoc OL -- Ty Dickson, Sr., Kossuth OL -- Chris Sparks, Sr., Booneville OL -- John Levi Pennington, Sr., Mooreville OL -- Kole Timbs, Sr., Belmont K -- Austin Holloway, Sr., Booneville Defense LB -- Zaen Harbin, Sr., Kossuth LB -- Elijah Potts. Jr., Kossuth LB -- Taylor Franks, Sr., Mooreville LB -- C.J. Coleman, Sr., North Pontotoc LB -- Kirk Hickman, Sr., Booneville DB -- Matthew Stewart, Sr., Kossuth DB -- Ben McCutchen, Sr., Booneville DB -- Robert Patton, Sr., Mooreville DL -- Jordan Ware, Sr., North Pontotoc DL -- Jaley Adams, So., Kossuth DL -- Dusty Smith, Sr., Mooreville P -- Evan Cooper, Sr., Kossuth Special Teamer -- Lorenzo Braxton, Sr., Belmont Second Team QB -- Caleb Nelson, North Pontotoc; RB -- Blaine Mitchell, Kossuth; RB -- Heath Johnson, Alcorn Central; WR -- Peyton Boren, Mooreville; WR -- Caleb Todd, North Pontotoc; WR -- Beau Lee, Kossuth; OL -- Max Crew, Mooreville; OL -- Jordan Crum, Kossuth; OL -- Chazz Bain, Kossuth; OL -- Devon Hurst, Belmont; OL -- Trey White, Alcorn Central; K -- John Gonzalez, North Pontotoc LB -- C.J. McLoughlin, North Pontotoc; LB -- Tyler Newby, Booneville; LB -- Landon Whitmon, Mooreville; LB -- Zak Harbin, Kossuth; LB -- John Martin, Kossuth; DB -- Logan Ford, Alcorn Central; DB -- Peyton Reeves, Belmont; DB -- Jalen Foster, North Pontotoc; DL -- Blake Arnold, Kossuth; DL -- Tristen Gilland, Mooreville; DL -- Malik Ivy, Mooreville; P -- Leon Camman, Alcorn Central; ST -- Nathaniel Smith, Mooreville
Plaza Lanes Bowling Leagues
by H. Lee Smith II
Dec 26, 2014 | 0 views | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Standings and results from recent league action at Plaza Bowling Lanes. Rebel Volunteer 12-25 Sweeter Than Yoo-Hoo 39-25 Corinth Automotive 39-25 K.L.C.S. 37-27 Russell’s Beef House 37-27 Corinthian Furniture 36-28 Kimberly Clark 34-30 Global Automotive 30-34 Just Havin’ Fun 30-34 Tons O’ Fun 29-35 Price Masonry 28-36 Ms. Care Center 23-41 Spoilers 22-42 High Team Game: Kimberly Clark 1249 High Team Series: Kimberly Clark 3555 High Individual Games: (Men) Lee Stubelt 278, Bud Brooks 277, Larry Schindler 266, Tyler Corbin 255. (Women) April Lumpkin 223, Betty Brooks 196, Kelly Guant 191. High Individual Series: (Men) Brooks 756, Stubelt 714, Tony Harris 664, Jeff Patterson 661. (Women) Brooks 533, Lumpkin 524, Guant 509. 12-18 High Team Game: Just Havin’ Fun 1249 High Team Series: Global Automotive 3561 High Individual Games: (Men) Adam Ellsworth 300, Vince Overholt 257, Jeff Patterson 256, Brian Guant 255. (Women) April Lumpkin 215, Tiffany Brown 211, Betty Brooks 196. High Individual Series: (Men) Ellsworth 723, Patterson 681, Justin Lumpkin 654, Guant 649. (Women) Lumpkin 563, Brown 533, Brooks 523. Monday Major 12-29 3 Nuts and A Bolt 46-22 Shot Who? 39-29 Hughes Outdoor 39-29 Wendy’s Baconators 36.5-31.5 Outlaws 34-34 2 Old Couples 33.5-34.5 Pin Pounders 30.5-37.5 Crow Hop Krew 28.5-39.5 All In The Family 28-40 Last Minute 25-43 High Team Game: Shot Who? 1034 High Team Series: Shot Who? 2844 High Individual Games: (Men) Steve Price 277, Tyler Corbin 255, Creighton Nelms 248. (Women) Debbie Palmer 225, Sandy Enos 210, Starr Martin 191. High Individual Series: (Men) Nelms 664, Price 658, Willy Fowler 617. (Women) Palmer 650, Bea Brents 525, Martin 512. 12-22 High Team Game: Outlaws 1026 High Team Series: Shot Who? 2813 High Individual Games: (Men) Collin Dildy 258, Josh Johnson 257, Tyler Corbin 257, Brian Gaunt 253. (Women) Christy Hickox 213, Bea Brents 210, Debbie Palmer 204. High Individual Series: (Men) Corbin 716, Dildy 668, Gaunt 627. (Women) Palmer 583, Hickox 574, Brents 570. Tuesday Church 12-9 Oakland Baptist 40.5-19.5 Harmony Hill 39-21 Antioch 35-25 Holy Rollers 33.5-26.5 Knockouts 30.5-29.5 1st Baptist Counce 30-30 New Liberty Baptist 24.5-35.5 High Team Series: Oakland Baptist, New Liberty Baptist 2563 High Individual Games: (Men) Peyton Lee 245, Larry Lebert 210, Robert Dix 202. (Women) Gator Johnson 230, Debbie Palmer 188, Sandra Roach 185. High Individual Series: (Men) Lee 591, Lebert 567, Dix 550. (Women) Johnson 646, Palmer 552, Roach 513. Thursday Morning Coffee 12-11 #SIDS 50-22 Cafe Mike’s 48-24 Gray’s Insulation 47-25 Gutter Girls 45-27 Grits 41-31 Sticky Pins 39.5-32.5 PALS 39-33 Wellness Center 35-37 Country Girls 34-38 Comedians 34-38 Strugglin Ladies 32.5-39.5 Sweet Rolls 28.5-43.5 Bowling Buddies 28-44 Strikettes 27.5-44.5 IBEW 25-47 Alley Kats 22-50 #-First Half Champions High Team Game: Comedians 860 High Team Series: SIDS 2523 High Individual Games: Sandy Enos 220, Mandy Thomas 211, Pat Newton 194, April Lumpkin 194, Shirley Kiddy 194, Annette Tucker 191. High Individual Series: Enos 550, Thomas 519, Kiddy 513, Lorie Lebert 510, Lumpkin 509, Newton 506, Tucker 502. 12-4 High Team Game: Strikettes 932 High Team Series: Bowling Buddies 2562 High Individual Games: Teresa Fugitt 220, Sue Dees 218, Kay Strickland 213, April Lumpkin 212, Velma Bugg 206. High Individual Series: Fugitt 589, Dees 576, Lumpkin 551, Belinda Hardin 540, Debra Eskridge 515, Vicki Frye 509, Sandy Enos 509, Shirley Kiddy 504, Annette Tucker 502, Marcia Cooper 500.
UGA’s Richt: Gurley heading to NFL
by The Associated Press
Dec 26, 2014 | 1 views | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend | print
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Georgia running back Todd Gurley has informed coach Mark Richt that he plans to enter the NFL draft. Richt said after practice Friday for the Belk Bowl that Gurley won't return for his senior season. The 13th-ranked Bulldogs face No. 20 Louisville on Tuesday. The news doesn't come as a huge surprise. Gurley was a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate and got off to a strong start, but a four-game suspension and a knee injury derailed a promising season. Richt said Gurley's rehabilitation is going well and his spirits are high. He predicted Gurley "will be a very high draft pick." "I wouldn't be shocked to see him doing a lot of things for the scouts before the draft," Richt said. Gurley attended practice with his teammates Friday but was not made unavailable for interviews. The 6-foot-1, 236-pound Gurley ran for 911 yards and nine touchdowns in six games this season, averaging 7.4 yards per carry. Gurley was suspended four games in October by the NCAA for taking $3,000 for autographed memorabilia and other items over two years. In Gurley's first game back against Auburn, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, ending his season. In his first two seasons at Georgia, Gurley ran for 2,374 yards and 27 touchdowns. The Georgia running game hasn't missed a beat since Gurley left, with freshman Nick Chubb handling the load. Chubb rattled off four straight games of at least 143 yards rushing with Gurley out. He has 1,057 yards and 10 touchdowns in the last seven.
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