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Thrasher pitcher Shawn Dalton Weatherbee fires a pitch to home plate against Walnut in jamboree action last week. The regular season starts in full force this weekend, including the Thrasher Classic.
Thrasher pitcher Shawn Dalton Weatherbee fires a pitch to home plate against Walnut in jamboree action last week. The regular season starts in full force this weekend, including the Thrasher Classic.
Local Schedule 02/23
by the Daily Corinthian
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Today HS Basketball Girls North Half (2nd Round) Booneville @ Aberdeen, 7 p.m. HS Baseball Cherokee (Ala.) @ Biggersville, 4:30 p.m. JV/6 p.m. Varsity Falkner @ New Site, 5 p.m. (Varsity Only) Booneville Classic @ NEMCC Tishomingo County vs Booneville, 4 p.m. Walnut vs Jumpertown, 6 p.m. HS Softball Lewisburg @ Corinth, 5:30 p.m. (JV & Varsity) Saturday HS Basketball North Half Boys (2nd Round) 1A — Biggersville @ Houlka, 7 p.m. 2A — Corinth @ Leake Central, 7 p.m. (WXRZ) Boys Region 7/AA Regionals McNairy Central @ Crockett County, 7 p.m. HS Baseball Booneville Classic @ NEMCC Booneville vs Sheffield (Ala.), 11 a.m. East Union vs. Sheffield (Ala.), 1 p.m. Alcorn Central vs East Union, 3 p.m. Alcorn Central vs Walnut, 5 p.m. Tishomingo County vs TCPS, 7 p.m. Thrasher Classic Thrasher vs Blue Mountain, 11 a.m. Blue Mountain vs Shannon, 1 p.m. Thrasher vs Shannon, 3 p.m. Tremont @ New Site, Noon HS Softball Booneville Tournament (JV & Varsity) (begins at 9 a.m.) Tishomingo County Tournament (JV and Varsity) (begins at noon) Monday, Feb. 27 HS Baseball Biggersville @ Blue Mountain, 5 p.m. Wheeler @ Walnut, 5 p.m. JH Baseball Burnsville @ Hills Chapel, 5 p.m. Iuka at Corinth (DH), 5 p.m. Chalybeate @ Potts Camp (DH), 5 p.m. Alcorn Central MS @ Pontotoc (DH), 5 p.m. JC Basketball State Tournament 1st Round Women @ Jones CC No. 2 seed Northeast vs TBA, TBA Tuesday, Feb. 28 HS Baseball Corinth @ Kossuth, 5 p.m. (JV & Varsity) Myrtle @ Walnut, 5 p.m. (JV & Varsity) Thrasher @ Vina (Ala.), 4 p.m. HS Softball Booneville @ Biggersville, 5:30 p.m. (JV & Varsity) North Pontotoc @ Corinth, 5:30 p.m. (JV & Varsity) Hickory Flat @ Thrasher, 5 p.m. (JV and Varsity) JH Softball Hills Chapel @ Burnsville, 5 p.m. JC Basketball State Tournament 1st Round Men @ Jones CC No. 1 Seed Northeast vs TBA, TBA Thursday, March 2 HS Baseball Corinth vs Ripley @ Pontotoc, 7 p.m. HS Softball Mantachie @ Biggersville (JV & Varsity), 5:30 p.m. Saltillo @ Booneville (JV & Varsity), 5 Corinth @ Kossuth (JV & Varsity), 5 Wheeler @ New Site (JV & Varsity) Alcorn Central @ Tishomingo County (JV & varsity), 5 Corinth @ Tupelo (JV & Varsity), 5:30 Byers @ Walnut (Varsity Only), 5 JH Baseball Pine Grove @ Alcorn Central (DH), 5 Burnsville @ Belmont (DH), 5 Iuka @ Tishomingo (DH), 5 Booneville @ Ripley (DH), 5 Friday, March 3 HS Baseball Booneville @ Pine Grove (DH), 5 Tishomingo County @ Kossuth (JV & Varsity), 5 Thrasher @ Walnut (JV & Varsity), 5 Alcorn Central @ Nettleton (JV & Varsity), 4 Biggersville @ Tremont (JV & Varsity), 5 New Sire @ Shannon, 5 HS Softball Pine Grove @ Biggersville (JV & varsity), 5:30 Tishomingo County @ Kossuth (JV & Varsity), 5 Thrasher @ New Site (JV & Varsity), 5
Will Hugh Freeze Survive At Ole Miss?
by Kent
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Sometimes you just have to look for the humor in a bad situation and make the best of it. But that’s easier said than done. To keep a positive attitude is an increasingly difficult thing to do in this day and age when it seems like we’re always surrounded by negativity. And the media certainly doesn’t help when they pour salt on an already deep and open wound. If you had an opportunity to watch the video of the press conference at Ole Miss yesterday with University president David Vitter, athletic director Ross Bjork, and head football coach Hugh Freeze, it was obvious that the long-standing NCAA investigation has taken it’s toll. Look closely at the video and you’ll see a weary Hugh Freeze with sulking cheeks and bags under and around his eyes looking like I haven’t seen him look before. Even just a few months ago during the midst of recruiting season, the Rebels head man described the signing class as a result of a stern penalty. But he didn’t look worn out and tired as he did on Wednesday. He’s usually a positive and happy man. But not yesterday. Granted, Vitter voiced his unwavering support of both Freeze and Bjork but was he hiding something within that statement? Is Freeze really likely to lose his job over the whole thing? Is there more to the story than what we saw and heard yesterday? Anything’s possible. I mean it happens all the time. Personally, I like Hugh Freeze. And, truth be told, until this investigation started so did the general media. He was even referred to a few times as a media darling after a couple of stellar, top-10 recruiting classes. His personality is contagious in the best sort of way, and he has deep religious convictions. Don’t forget, this man- who is now under heavy fire- holds numerous speaking engagements yearly. That includes in churces, where he has been known to preach on occasion. I realize being perceived as a religious and straight-lace man doesn’t necissarily make you one, but you can’t convince me that Freeze is an imposter: that he says one thing and does another. Fact is, we all wear masks. We make mistakes and we hopefully learn from them. But now the media seems to have turned on a good coach and a good man due to perceptions that he was covering up some sort of scandal. Yes, mistakes were made within the Ole Miss football program. Yes, they will pay a heavy price. No, I don’t believe for a second that Freeze knew of the wrong-doings of a couple of former staff members that turned their backs on the core values of the University until after the fact. If he had known, those men would have been out the door long before they were shown it. Consider this: if you’re a parent and you have three or four kids, do you happen to be aware of every move those children make all the time? No. The same goes with being a head coach at any university. If it’s impossible for you to keep track of and be aware of everything that happens in your family all the time, just think how much more impossible it is for a head coach to know what multiple coaches and 85 student/athletes are up to at all times. It just cannot be done and anyone who argues otherwise simply has their head buried in the sand. Freeze looks worn and weary, and for good reason. It doesn’t matter how strong you think your faith is, when it’s tested like this it’s completely different and much harder. In my humble opinion, the NCAA should punish the former coaches and boosters for their actions and not an entire team for something they aren’t guilty of. That is an issue that needs to be seriously considered in the future by the powers that be in the NCAA. If the entire program is guilty then punish the entire program. But to punish these young men and the current coaches who had nothing to do with the infractions that occured in years past is absurd in my eyes. But although this change needs to occur it probably never will, and that’s sad. I get it: 100 people pay the price for the mistakes made by two or three. Is that fair? Absolutely not. I’ll stand by that belief til judgement day. I do remember a similar thing happened to me when I was a student at East Corinth Elementary School back in the early 1970’s. A close friend of mine put a couple of tacks in the teachers chair and didn’t fess up to it when she gave him the opportunity. You know what happened next. The whole class was punished for the actions of one eight-year old. I realize that was a teaching tactic but it still doesn’t seem fair to me after all these years. Will Freeze still be the head coach when all is said and done? That remains to be seen. But I personally believe he should be. The program will pay a severe penalty and has already self-imposed damaging penalties internally which now includes a bowl ban for the upcoming season. Put yourself in the place of the current coaches and especially the players that will now suffer the consequences for something they didn’t do. Is that really fair? (Kent Mohundro is the sports editor for the Daily Corinthian)
Courthouse trees set for a trim
by Jebb Johnston
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The trees of court square are due for some trimming and pruning after some recent concerns about falling limbs. A specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service recently assessed the trees and submitted a report to Alcorn County. The Board of Supervisors is following the report’s recommendation to hire a certified arborist who is licensed, bonded and insured to perform the prescribed trimming. The board this week approved advertising for the work. Local Extension Agent Patrick Poindexter accompanied the specialist on the tree examination. “We did a complete walk-around, mainly looking at the older oak trees, because those are the ones that seem to be presenting some of the issues with dead or dying limbs that are falling out,” he said. The report concludes that the trees are basically healthy but need some removal of dead limbs. “Some of them are getting pretty old, especially that one on the southeast corner,” said Poindexter. “Anytime you’re dealing with older trees like that, maintenance is very important, and getting them trimmed correctly is very important.” The willow oak on the north side of the property was observed to be leaning northward slightly, and a light reduction of limbs on the north side is recommended to improve its balance. The report suggests removing the five lowest limbs of the tree on the west side of the property. Some prior pruning created a “bird’s nest effect” on those limbs, the report observes. The willow oak on the south side of the building and on the east side of the main walkway could stand some light thinning of limbs on the north side overhanging the walkway, according to the report.
Family comedy takes CT-A stage
by Zack Steen
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Director Joshua Steen calls his cast the best he’s ever seen grace the Corinth Theatre-Arts stage. The small, yet powerful group brings new life to an old favorite, he said, this weekend at the local playhouse. “Daddy’s Dyin’ – Who’s Got the Will?” — an award-winning comedy by American playwright and producer Del Shores — will take the stage tonight and Saturday night at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday at 2 p.m. “I am incredibly lucky to get to direct such an amazing group of people,” said Steen, a CT-A board member and first time director. “We have put a lot of effort into this show and I think audiences will be able to tell just how hard we’ve all worked to make this happen.” Tickets are $6 for students and $12 for adults for the adult-themed dark comedy. Set in a small Texas town, “Daddy’s Dyin’” opens with the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch, who has recently suffered a disabling stroke. Debuting in 1987, the play was later made into a feature film starring Beau Bridges, Beverly D’Angelo and Keith Carradine. “Daddy’s Dyin’” unfolds “like a good summer novel,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although Steen said his take on the play is quite different. “The story is one everyone may be familiar with, but I wanted to take a different approach - it is both funny and raw. We’ll get you to cry either way,” he said. Steen added, “it’s a hilarious show, but very real. I’m confident audiences will leave the theater thinking about their own family.” Along with a first time director, Christy Sills Whitten, a long time veteran of Arts in McNairy, will be taking the stage at CT-A for the first time. The cast also includes Clay S. Nails and June Plaxco, who are each returning to the stage for the first time in several CT-A seasons. Sponsored by Wood, Carlton, & Hudson, P.C. ,Timber Products, officePRO, and Pizza Grocery the “Daddy’s Dyin’” cast includes Shannon M. Sellers as Sara Lee Turnover, Plaxco as Lurlene Turnover Rogers, Whitten as Mama Wheelis, Channing Palmer as Evalita Turnover, Matthew Wood as Harmony Rhodes, Nails as Orville Turnover, Richard Strachan as Buford “Daddy” Turnover, and Jenny Jordan as Marlene Turnover. (To purchase tickets, visit or contact 662-287-2995 and leave a message. The playhouse is located at 303 Fulton Drive in Corinth.)
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