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On the road: Corinth family travels country in an RV

Eight-year-old Eddien Macias travels the USA in a pickup truck dually and RV fifth wheel with his parents from Corinth and three little brothers.

Photo compliments of the Macias family

By Gabby Boyd

For the Daily Corinthian

A local family of six decided to change their entire style of living a year ago, starting with the sale of their 2,300-square-foot house.

They then hit the road.

"We basically sold everything we owned, including our vehicles," said Maggie Macias, a Corinth native.

She and her husband, Julio, a former Corinth police officer, bought a 40-foot fifth wheel RV and a dually pickup truck. The couple and their four sons, eight-year-old Eddien, six-year-old Elliot, four-year-old Lio and one-year-old Elonso began their journey of traveling and living on the road full time.

Macias said the idea came to her after she met a lady who was traveling nurse at a hospital.

"She told me she lived in an RV with her husband and kids," she said. "Her husband homeschooled the kids."

Macias said she was very intrigued by the family, travel lifestyle and nurse.

"She had everything figured out and it was very interesting to hear her story," said the 24-year-old.

At the time Macias worked full-time at a local family practice clinic as a registered nurse.

"My husband I were both always working and we needed help with the kids and after having my fourth son, we began taking the traveling idea serious," she said.

Macias became a travel nurse and landed her first job in Nashville.

"I wanted to be close to my family and be able to come home for the holidays," she said.

The family lived in Nashville for 13 weeks before moving to another location.

"As a traveling nurse, we line up our jobs two to three weeks before we get there," she said. "I have a recruiter who works with me and gives me a list of jobs that are open."

The mother said the jobs are located all over the country.

"They are in California all the way up to New York and since I have a compact license I can practice nursing in most states," she said.

So far the family has stayed in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. They are currently in San Antonio, Texas.

While Macias works, Julio takes care of the children. He also home-schools them, said the Northeast Mississippi Community College alumnus.

"It works out great, because I work three days out of the week and the other four I'm off so I help Julio with the kids," she said. "We usually go out as a family and explore the city we're in."

So far the family has enjoyed their traveling journey. Macias said the only thing she has to take in consideration is the changing seasons and the location during certain times of the year.

"You never want to be in Colorado in winter time and you don't want to be somewhere in the desert during the summer months," said the registered nurse.

There are lots of perks to living on the road, she said.

"We love it. We've saved a lot of money, paid off a ton of debt and traveled so many places," said Macias. "To live in an RV campground, it's just $400 to $600 a month and everything is included."

Her husband hasn't mowed a yard in over a year and doesn't have to worry about a fully maintained swimming pool, said the wife.

The children have had a pleasant experience as well, she said.

"They have made friends everywhere and they have gotten to learn about different cultures at such a young age. They've learned about all the states we've visited," said the traveling nurse.

At first the Macias family received a lot of mixed feelings about their lifestyle change.

"We had so many mixed reactions when we did this. People would tell us we were going to be so cramped in the RV because we have four kids. They would say things to Julio such as you're going to be a house husband," said Macias.

The family did not let the negative comments affect them.

"We get to spend so much more time together as a family and we have connected with other local families who practice the same lifestyle," said the traveler.

The Macias have became friends with Corinth natives Brie and Ben Gowen, who have a similar RV lifestyle. Brie is a travel nurse and Ben was a former business owner, she said.

Macias said she and her family have a travel-based youtube channel where she talks about identity and their journey on the road. The family has 200 followers, but many people watch the videos, she said.

The Macias planned to travel for two years, but have enjoyed it so much, they no longer have an end date.

"We are just going to keep traveling the country for now," she said.