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Board okays reconstruction of downtown building

Owner Tim Smith is ready to move forward with rebuilding the property at the corner of Fillmore and Cruise Streets downtown.

By Jebb Johnston


Plans to rebuild at 401 Fillmore Street gained the approval of the Corinth Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday.

Commission members were very pleased with the plans owner Tim Smith submitted for rebuilding at the prominent downtown corner spot. The commission approved a certificate of appropriateness for the new construction.

"I think this is going to be really terrific," said commission member Robert Gray after reviewing the plans.

The existing building was recently demolished.

Owner Tim Smith originally planned to renovate the building, but enough structural uncertainty was found to require demolition. The new construction is in the same style as the previously planned renovation, with an antique brick look, a metal awning and uplighting. The building will have an elevator.

The tenant or tenants who will occupy the building are not yet being identified publicly.

Built circa 1875 to 1880, the building, which is considered a key entry point to the historic district with its position at the corner of Fillmore and Cruise Streets, was lowered from three stories to two circa 1900 to 1910 and altered with a veneer of stucco circa 1980 to 1985. The street level originally contained three storefronts.

With the rebuild, the neighboring building will no long bear any weight from 401 North Fillmore.

Smith said the project has been "a work in progress" from the beginning because of the uncertainty about the building's stability. Early in July, the commission gave approval to demolish the existing building. In years past, part of the building had fallen off into the alley, and the condition of the brick could not be evaluated until it was uncovered.

Smith said the original brick is being kept with plans to use some of it at least in the interior of the building.