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Native pens new book to help small businesses protect themselves

Corinth native Jason Rorie has writen a new book "" "Cyber Security: Small Business "" a Hacker's Playground" "" to help provide crucial information to small businesses.


For the Daily Corinthian

A new technical book penned by IT entrepreneur Jason Rorie aids his mission to help provide crucial information to small businesses.

Recently released on Amazon, "Cyber Security: Small Business "" a Hacker's Playground" is aimed at small business owners and written to enlighten and inform them about the very real threats that exist out in the cyber world and that they are potential targets just like their larger counterparts.

"I wanted to change the small business owner's mindset from thinking that it's not going to happen to them, that they are too small of a company for a hacker to want in the first place," Rorie explained. "All that is the opposite of how they need to think. The end game for all these cyber criminals is extortion. At the end of the day, they want your money. They don't care about what data you have, but they know that it's important to you. Ransomware is a one good way to do that."

The Corinth native and U.S. Navy veteran has experience in the IT profession as he is the founder of the Houston, Texas-based Elevated Technologies, which provides IT management and security solutions and services for small and medium-sized businesses. As an entrepreneur who built Elevated Technologies from the ground up, Rorie said he understands the challenges facing his clients and is adept in diagnosing critical needs.

"Cyber Security: Small Business "" a Hacker's Playground" is engaging for even non-tech people and Rorie said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from those who have read the book.

The book begins with a general introduction to cyber security threats and following chapters after deal with each one more extensively. Intriguing and informative, the book contains background on such subjects as the Dark Web, phishing, the risks of drive-by downloads, ransomware and how to protect mobile devices.

The author goes into detail and provides an explanation for those who are not well-versed on the subject of cyber security. He said wrote the book because he is a champion of small business.

"I'm always one to want to protect the small business. The purpose of the book is an effort to try to protect our own clients and protect other businesses," said Rorie. "Over the past couple of years, we've been having more serious conversations about security because the threats are getting worse and worse with all the e-mail scams and social engineering is picking up. It's dangerous because it's more of victimizing humans rather than just using technology."

In creating the book, he hopes to help small business owners understand the complexity and prevalence of the cyber threat.

"There are so many small businesses that have someone who can fix a computer and so they feel like they are a cyber security person," Rorie explained. "My fear is, just because you can fix a computer, that doesn't mean you can secure a network. It's like two different skill sets."

Always evolving his own skills, Rorie continues constant training. He will complete a master's degree in cyber security in December and is working on a couple of other IT-related cyber security certifications, as well. He already has the hands-on cyber security experience but the education formalizes his credentials. He's currently a certified cyber security analyst.

Rorie is passionate about what he does. The author credits his mother with jumpstarting his love of technology.

"What really got me intrigued with computers was when my mom actually bought me my first computer, which was between my junior and senior year in high school," said Rorie. "I would sit there at all hours of the night and go to different websites. I was just fascinated with what they could do, even in the late 90s. Later, I went into the Navy and told them I wanted to do something with computers and they got me the right job. I got a little more familiar, but it was mostly communications."

Rorie attended Corinth schools through his freshman year of high school, then transferred to Tishomingo County High School and graduated in 1996. He served in the Navy from 1996 until 2000 and did two tours in the Middle East.

In the military, he was trained on computers and in communications. In March of 1997, he was assigned to his ship, which was a mine sweeper "" a mine countermeasures ship.

Coming out of the military, Rorie got a job with a communications company based out of Dallas, Texas, but the job required him to live in North Alabama. He lived in Huntsville for about six years and said he bounced around, working various IT jobs from computer repair, to internet service provider IT work.

Eventually, his work landed him in the Houston, Texas area where he was hired by a software company that allowed him to start growing his own business outside of his work hours. He later moved to a global gas and oil company, but after two years he found himself with a dilemma.

"In 2008, I had drummed up enough business. I was so busy on the weekends and after hours; I had to make a decision. I could keep the corporate job with all the nice benefits with the salary, and keep doing this on the side for extra money, or I could roll the dice and leave the corporate job and give it a whirl. I chose the latter," said Rorie.

Elevated Technologies was recognized in 2015 on the Houston's Business Journal's Fast Tech 25 list and also the Fast 100, which is the list of the fastest growing companies in Houston in any industry.

Rorie's business now also includes a Corinth office. Elevated Tech recently got its Corinth location up and running. The office is housed at Corinth City Hall. The author and entrepreneur said Corinth Mayor Tommy Irwin has been extremely helpful and supportive of the venture.

("Cyber Security: Small Business "" a Hacker's Playground" by Jason Rorie is available on Amazon. For more information about Elevated Technologies, visit the website at elevated-tech.com.)