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Quality of Life: Work continues on sense of community

The Alliance Project Manager GT McCullough talks about Corinth's quality of life along with Main Street Director Angela Avent and Visit Corinth Director Christy Burns at a Kiwanis Club meeting on Tuesday.

Staff photo by Zack Steen

By Zack Steen


GT McCullough is looking for a few blank walls.

The Alliance's project manager is working with three other community leaders to help improve Corinth's quality of life through small projects.

The Alliance, Main Street Corinth and Visit Corinth have different missions, but according to McCullough all three are working in the same direction.

With the support of The Alliance President Clayton Stanley, McCullough, along with Main Street Director Angela Avent and Visit Corinth Director Christy Burns are doing small things that's helping lead to the overall success of Corinth.

"We work together with everything that we do," McCullough told Kiwanis Club members during their Tuesday meeting this week. "We have to have leadership in place before we can have a community and we have to have a community in place before we can have economic development."

McCullough said leadership leads to community development and that leads to economic development.

He said the #EnjoyCorinth mural on a Tate Street brick wall is one of the small projects that has made great strives in their effort to build a greater sense of community and quality of life.

"Angela, Christy and I have been lucky enough to work together on these murals. Before we started, we knew we wanted to do something to improve the social engagement and online presence of Corinth. We knew we needed to find a way to unify the community and get everyone involved," said McCullough.

The project manager said it took the "forward thinkers" of the Keep Corinth-Alcorn Beautiful board to come up with the perfect idea, and it included a callback to Corinth's rich Coca-Cola history and the use of the iconic font and former slogan of the beverage company.

"After some talking, we came up with this rallying cry ... this hashtag of Enjoy Corinth," said McCullough.

The mural was completed by members of the board in late November 2017. Since that day, #EnjoyCorinth has been used more than 3,000 times on Instagram alone.

Soon a group of private citizens through the Strategic Doing Committee begin on a second Corinth and Coca-Cola-centric mural on the wall of Pizza Grocery on Cruise Street.

Now McCullough said the real work began.

"Our hope continues to be that our kids in this community from elementary school up to those in college are bragging about our community through social media. That they are taking photos with these murals, using our hashtag and creating a better quality of life," he said. "We firmly believe if we can get them to start bragging about our community now, then getting them back will be easier "" the opportunity for recruiting and retaining our workforce goes way up ... and now we are talking about economic development."

McCullough said another mural is going up by a business owner in the SoCo District, but he said his group wants to do more.

"If anyone has a blank wall or just an idea, we'd love to participate or help," he added.

(For more information, contact The Alliance at 662-287-5269.)