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New rules aim to keep meetings 'civil'

By Jebb Johnston


Corinth aldermen adopted new rules this week aimed at keeping things civil during board meetings when members of the public address the board.

The move was prompted by the recent meeting in which the police chief had to restore order during a discussion of the term limits proposal.

The rules require a formal written request in order to be placed on the agenda for a meeting of the city board. The request must be presented to the city clerk by noon four days prior to the meeting, which would fall on Friday for the regular Tuesday meetings, and the request must describe the subject to be discussed.

The rules require a person addressing the board to be respectful and exercise decorum.

Individuals addressing the board are to speak from the podium, and others in the audience are not to speak except when recognized by the person presiding over the meeting.

Anyone wishing to speak must do so from the podium after identifying himself. Speaking "out of tun" from the audience is prohibited.

Presentations are generally limited to five minutes.

Alderman Michael McFall suggested adding a means for the board to add an item to the agenda if the board is in agreement to do so.

In other business:

• The board accepted bids for the sale of two city-owned residential properties in the Spence subdivision. The winning bidders are James Barton for lot 6 at $2,001 and Steve Hill for lot 10 at $350.

• In property cleanup matters, the board adjudicated properties at 1305 Poplar Street, 102 Noel Street, 1502 Tate Street and 1103 Tate Street. The board scheduled public hearings for 1500 Horton Street, the former Raceway property on Highway 72, 801 Cotton Street, 1424 Proper Street, 1209 Proper Street, 1101 Phillips, a burned property at the corner of Blasingame and Wenasoga, and properties on Cruise Street and Proper Street for which addresses were not available.

• West Clover Lane resident Wanda Sipes addressed the board about a situation with drainage affecting her driveway.