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Murder convict loses appeal

By Jebb Johnston


The Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed the 2017 murder conviction of Micah Bostic after finding an issue raised by the defendant to be "harmless error."

The Court of Appeals handed down the decision on Tuesday in the case involving the 2016 shooting death of Kris Ann Ledlow at the Mapco gas station on Highway 72 East in Corinth during an armed robbery. Bostic, 27, aka "Drop," argued that the judge in Alcorn County Circuit Court should have suppressed statements made to officers after Bostic requested an attorney.

The Court of Appeals found that the circuit court erred when it denied Bostic's motion to suppress the statements made during the Feb. 3, 2016, interview.

"When Bostic invoked his right to counsel the officers did not cease the interrogation as required by law," states the written opinion. "However, we find the violation to be harmless error based on the overwhelming weight of the evidence against Bostic."

In the taped interview with Corinth police, which was played for the jury, Bostic said he wanted to take his mother's advice and "she told me to request for an attorney and you know I want to "" They continued to talk for more than 50 minutes.

However, the court found "there was overwhelming evidence against Bostic without his statements." During the interrogation, Bostic continuously maintained his innocence, and, at trial, he testified to the same alibi as during the interrogation.

Bostic is incarcerated at the South Mississippi Correctional Institution in Greene County, where he is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.