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Goodbye Biggers: Hardware store to close after 101 years

Crowds gather in front of Biggers Hardware in downtown Corinth to celebrate the store's 100th anniversary last year. Biggers' last day of operation is Saturday.

Staff photo by Zack Steen

By Gabby Boyd


A well known local business is closing its doors after 101 years of customer service.

In 1918, Biggers Hardware opened in downtown Corinth on the corner of Cruise and Franklin Streets.

The family owned store has been a major local institution in the city's history. It survived the Great Depression, multiple wars, several presidents and economic times. It was founded by James David Biggers.

The business has also grown tremendously throughout the years, but a man from the Biggers line is ready to shut it down.

"I'm 68-years-old and it's time to go home "" I'm tired," said co-owner Lon Taylor.

Taylor has been working for Biggers for 40 years and is currently a partner in the company.

The store was passed down to him by his grandmother, who inherited 10 percent of the business from her father.

"My grandmother was one of 10 children and they all received a percentage of the business," said Taylor, who is a fourth generation business owner.

Taylor grew up at the hardware store.

"My father worked here and some of my uncles worked here on and off for over 80 years. So when I got older I figured I would work here too," he added.

Taylor said he is going to miss getting up at 5 a.m. each morning to open the store at 7 a.m.

"Most of all I'm going to miss my customers," said the Corinth native. "I have had some wonderful and loyal customers throughout the years. I've met people from just about everywhere and made long lasting friendships. I'm definitely going to miss all of that."

Taylor's wife Teresa recalls going to the business as a child.

"I grew up going to the hardware store and I believe this is one of the reasons it's so stressful and emotional for us to shut it down. We truly care about our customers," said Teresa, who works with her husband at the store.

Though there are several things about the business Taylor will miss, he is still ready to retire.

"I'm just ready to relax. It's been exciting to serve several generations of people, but it's time for me to just take it easy," said Taylor.

Biggers Hardware is having an auction on Saturday. Set to begin at 9 a.m., it won't stop until everything is sold at the 602 Cruise Street location.

There will be wall appliances, tub units, electrical plumbing, gondola shelving and wall units, bolts and bolt pins, tools, painting supplies, whirlpools and more.

Scotty Little and Associates Co. will conduct the auction.