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CHS seniors show off talents in Follies

"Corinthian Bandstand" is the theme of the Class of 2019's Corinth High School Follies. Performances continue through Saturday night at 7 p.m.



Taylor Coombs has never laughed so hard.

The Corinth High School Follies director has been at the head of the senior class talent show for six years, but this year's class she said is "one of a kind."

"Corinthian Bandstand" kicked off on Tuesday night and continues through Saturday inside the CHS auditorium at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the high school office or at the door.

"Our opening night was one of the best I've ever experienced," said Coombs. "These kids are extremely talented and I'm so proud of them. This show is so funny ... I don't think I've ever laughed this hard."

The bandstand-style show features an array of music and favorite songs sung by graduating seniors of the Class of 2019.

"I know for many, this will be a blast from the past with so much wonderful music," said the director. "From 'Old Town Road' to the 'Land of 1000 Dances', there's something everyone will love."

Follies will feature senior performances of "Louie Louie," "Drift Away," "Boogie Shoes," "Locomotion," "Total Eclipse of the Heart," "Walking on Sunshine," "YMCA" and "Great Balls of Fire."

Comedy skits will be performed between each musical performance.

The class worked two months on this year's Follies performance said Coombs.

"It takes a small army to put on a show like this and I cannot say enough about my support staff, decoration crew, parents and live band "" that's one thing that sits us apart from others," she said. "The band gives countless hours to work with the kids to learn the music and play with them and create a performance of a lifetime."

Cast: Alyssa Adams, Dalton Adams, Brisheunah Alexander, Leslie Miller Archie, Camron Beech, Kedria Beene, De'Montra Bell, Britton Berry, Piper Bradshaw, Katera Bridges, Chase Briggs, Amanda Burgess, Jake Burns, Macy Butler, Rachel Grace Carpenter, X'Kaja Cobbs, Caleb Conner, Nick Craven, Ziona Cummings, Jayne De Hoyos, Reid Dixon, Ashleeanna Drake, Mary Helen Edmonson, Sarah Beth Edwards, Imani Floyd, Olivia Fowler, Tayra Franco Pech, Rodarius Gaines, Alexus Gilliam, Grantley Grady, Will Gramling, Kaitlin Griffin, Edward Grimes, Skyler Hamlin, Elijah Harris, Rachael Hayes, Wes Haynes, Aaron Herford, Anahi Hernandez-Heredia, Jacqueline Hibbard, Will Holland, Ulyssa Howard, Bradley Howell, Blake Huff, CJ Isbell, Hannah Johnson, Aaliyah Jones, Lanayia Justice, Abby Lancaste, JP Langley, Noah Lawson, Haley Lewis, Morgan Majors, Peyton Marshall, Tony Martinez, Mckenna Matheson, Felix Mayes, Yolanda Mayes, Emily Grace Melvin, Quentin Morrison, Sametta Nance, Grant Noyes, Amos Orozco De La Rosa, Cecelia Parker, Taylor Patrick, McKenzie Patterson, Zach Patterson, Landon Poindexter, Addie Paige Pratt, Thomas Ratliff, Nick Redwine, Will Rencher, JC Requena, Cambria Richardson, Jordan Richmond, Benjamin Rose, Kaleigh Sanders, Caleb Sauls, Anna Grace Schnabl, Mikayla Smith, Alexa Snyder, Adaysha Spence, Jordon Spence, Jade Storment, Sadie Studdard, Abby Taylor, Morgan Toomer, Eli Tucker, Justin Villaflor, Tang Walker, Makuyan Walker, Brock Williams, Esreal Williams, Quency Wyke

Director: Taylor Coombs

Assistant Director: Ashley Clausel

Choreography: Brittanie Brown, Baylee Howard

Opening Choreography: Katera Bridges, Ziona Cummings, Kedria Beene

Famous Follies Band: Brandon Bingham (Drums), Brian Graham (Bass), Kenny Mills (Guitar), Cindy Mathis (Piano), Allen Woodhouse (Keyboard)

Lighting Set Up: Camron Beech

Backstage: Linde Avent, Michaela Roberts

Spot Lights: Guy Carpenter, Blakeleigh Wood

Sound: Clay Hughes

Program: Reeds Printing, Sara Beth Alexander, Jeannie Sauls

Slide Show: Addie Paige Pratt, Hannah Johnson

Decorations: Mona Lisa Grady, Kim Pratt, Amy Craven, Annette Villaflor, Karen Isbell, Jennifer Marshall, Natasha Sanders, Angie Carpenter, Erica Noyes, Melanie Brose, Jennie and Jack Hibbard, Valerie Toomer, Elaine Taylor

Tickets: Gale Greening, Kathi Irwin

Support: Kelly Treadway, all senior parents, Brent Avent, Corinth School District maintenance staff