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Prayer retreat plans dedication, opening

The Rev. Ginger Jones Holland and her family are excited about the retreat.

By Gabby Boyd


Many people have dreams, but only a select few follow them. A Corinth woman is taking major steps to bring her longtime dream to reality.

Rev. Ginger Jones Holland grew up in the world of ministry and by the time she graduated high school she wanted to become a minister.

"I began spreading the gospel in the 70s. I just knew it was my calling," said Holland, who served as a minister for Cornerstone United Methodist Church for seven years in Tupelo.

While in college, Holland had ideas to open a Christian youth camp, but never pursued the quest to start it.

"One day it hit me when I was riding four wheelers on my parents property. I looked over and noticed how beautiful the scenery was and the property next to it. I wondered what it would be like to have a retreat here," said the non-denominational minister.

It wasn't just any kind of retreat Holland wanted to open and it was far from the youth camp she once had ideas about starting. This one revolved around the Lord.

"I wanted to open a prayer retreat," said Holland, who inherited her parent's property.

Holland had so many ideas flush through her mind. She later consulted with a childhood neighbor, Ben Pierce, a Presbyterian pastor in California.

Pierce inherited his family's property in Michie, Tenn., which coincides with Holland's land. After several long discussions, Pierce talked to his sister and they decided to donate the land to Holland's ministry.

So far Holland has had three cabins built and they were placed on the 160 acres three weeks ago. She is currently in the process of getting a barn built so there can be big celebrations and worship ceremonies. She also hopes to establish a garden.

"I would love to do so some gardening there as well. A lot of children do not know where food actually comes from, so this could be a good way to show them it doesn't actually come from the grocery store," said Holland, who's very excited the project is almost complete.

Holland hopes to have several musicians and Christian singers come to perform at the retreat, but most of all she wants this to be a secluded place for people to come and worship God.

"I want people from all walks of life to visit the retreat. I want families to come here and expect peace and have a tangible sense of the lord's presence in this beautiful place of creation," said the devoted wife and mother.

Holland has been married to her husband Wade for 31 years. Together they have two daughters, 24-year-old Hannah and 22-year-old Julia. She and her husband are currently in the process of relocating back to the Crossroads area after living in Pontotoc for nearly 19 years.

Holland is having her first Crossroads Prayer Retreat of Dedication and Worship on Saturday, April 27. Gates open at 4 p.m.

There will be live music, prayer and great food. People should also bring their lawn chairs and blankets.

The retreat weekend is the beginning of living the dream for Rev. Holland.