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Corinth Night in Nashville: The Alliance hosts networking event in Music City

Martin's BBQ Joint in downtown Nashville is the site of Thursday's Corinth Night in the Music City.

By Zack Steen

Daily Corinthian

It was an old Kossuth town limits sign hanging on a restaurant wall that got Clayton Stanley's mind turning.

He was on a business trip for The Alliance meeting with prospective economic development clients at a place some say has the best barbecue in Nashville.

"I saw that old road sign hanging on the wall "" I assumed that I was probably the only guy in the restaurant that night who knew how to pronounce that word, where it was or what it meant," said Stanley. "Not only did I know all of that, but I knew why it was there "" that was Pat Martin, the restaurant's proprietor's, hometown."

The Alliance President was at Martin's BBQ Joint in downtown Nashville, and of the thousands of restaurants in Music City, he picked that one to dine at because of its connections to the Crossroads area.

"I presumed the sign on the wall was an indication that Pat was proud of his roots and to me it was a confirmation of someone with Alcorn County roots who's gone on to do great things," said Stanley. "Many, many people from Alcorn County have experienced unimaginable success and it is always great to celebrate that and tell that story when I'm selling our community."

It was that night when Stanley started envisioning the event that's happening on Thursday "" Corinth Night in Nashville.

"It is meant to be a homecoming of sorts to allow people with the same roots the chance to share old Corinth stories and reminisce about their hometown," he said. "Our hope is that after spending a night doing this, people will have Alcorn County on their mind."

For some it might be the encouragement needed to visit Corinth for the first time in a long time, while for others, they might recognize the opportunity that exists in Alcorn County and consider expanding their business or referring others to their hometown.

"For younger folks, the goal is to show them what has changed since they left, to let them know that Corinth offers a great quality of life, cost of living and is an outstanding place to raise a family," added Stanley. "For others, the night might inspire them to leave a legacy by making a charitable gift to a community foundation or one of the many other outstanding nonprofits that are shaping our community."

Presented in part by The Alliance, Visit Corinth and Main Street Corinth, Corinth Night in Nashville is Thursday night from 5 to 7 p.m. at Martin's BBQ Joint at 410 4th Avenue South in downtown Nashville.

"This is a great opportunity for Corinthians to meet and mingle with natives that have relocated to the Nashville area," said The Alliance Community Development Director Virginia-Boyd James. "We hope everyone will come socialize and hear about the exciting things happening back home in Corinth."

James said attendees will also hear how natives living in Nashville can get involved and stay plugged in to their hometown community.

Free appetizers and a cash bar will be available.

Stanley said if the night goes well, he hopes to host simular events in other cities.

"My goal in everything I do for The Alliance is to recruit and retain 'talent' and to be a storyteller," he said. "In this case, the story I tell is about Corinth and Alcorn County, how we got to where we are and how we aspire to continue an upward trajectory. We are excited about what we believe will be a great night celebrating a town that is near and dear to all who will be in attendance and believe the impact will be lasting."

(For more information, contact The Alliance at 662-287-5269.)