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New cell tower going up

Wyatt Middleton of Leaksville installs a cell phone tower about 140 feet in the air just off U.S. 72 in Corinth. He is employed with Gulf Services.

Staff photo by Mark Boehler

Wyatt Middleton had a bird's-eye view of Corinth on Wednesday afternoon - and he was not using a drone.

The construction worker from Leaksville could be seen dangling 140 feet up in the air on a cell phone tower being erected just off U.S. 72 behind The Open Market — formerly Tri-State Flea Market — and near Pizza Hut.

Co-workers with Gulf Services of Theodore, Ala., said Middleton was about 140 feet in the air, awaiting the last section to complete the 180-foot tall unity cell tower being completed.

Baxter Company of North Mississippi was providing the huge crane to get the job complete. Workers said the job should be complete this week.

During a Corinth city board meeting last October, AT&T revealed it was planning to boost its cellular coverage in the area with the new tower.

The Board of Aldermen approved a zoning variance to accommodate the height of the tower. The request was made by KeyPoint Communications and AT&T.

The applicant planned to lease a 100-foot square area behind the market for the 180-foot tall tower. The normal height limit is 50 feet in the C-2 commercial zone.

A spokesman told the board AT&T sees the need for some extra coverage in the area and the tower will also be able to accommodate other cell service providers as well.

A light will not be required atop the tower because it does not meet the height threshold and will not be in a flight path, the spokesperson said at the meeting.