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NWS: Severe weather is early

The NWS said there were reports of cars blown off the highway as another severe storm system moved through the area Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Mississippi Storm Chasers



Lunch hour tornado warnings put citizens on alert again Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service in Memphis, there were reports of a funnel cloud near the Glen area in southeast Alcorn County.

There were also reports of possible rotation in the Goat Island area of Tishomingo County.

While Tishomingo County Sheriff John Daugherty said there were no reports of damage in the area just after the warnings, the NWS said there were reports of cars blown off the highway as the storm system moved through the area. That was likely due to straight line winds, according to meteorologist Kole Fehling.

The local areas appear to be inundated with severe weather lately.

Thursday's tornado warning came less than a week after an EF0 tornado (with peak winds estimated at 65 to 70 mph) hit Walnut in Tippah County and an EF1 tornado (with winds 85 to 90 mph) hit Goat Island and the Goat Island Recreational Area in Northern Tishomingo County at on Saturday, March 9.

Most damage from that previous tornado occurred in and west of the Goat Island Recreational area where the storm snapped a number of trees at the trunk and many homes and recreational vehicles were damaged by falling trees.

Last Saturday's twisters came exactly two weeks after an EF2 tornado moved from southeast Alcorn County into Burnsville, which downed trees, destroyed homes and caused considerable damage in Alcorn and Tishomingo Counties, on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Fehling said the sudden onslaught of severe weather is not unexpected for this time of year, it's just a bit early.

"We are getting into typical severe weather season," said Fehling, "Which is normally around March through May. That's when it starts ramping up and we start seeing severe weather."