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Police investigate apparent double homicide

By Mark Boehler

It's a frigid cold January morning and Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance talks to a group of four females outside 1315 Tate Street.

Near the group is a blood-stained sidewalk as the police chief tells a family member of one shooting victim that the police are in the midst of an intense investigation as to why two black men were shot to death on the evening of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday set aside to remember a national leader who called for justice.

"We will do all we can," Dance assures the group. "We are trying to get answers to a lot of questions."

About 13 to 15 shell casings were recovered in the area after the 11:30 p.m. Monday shooting in which two men were shot to death.

Dance steps over an empty vodka bottle, and a friendly young dog with a wagging tail follows him. He points to a second blood stain, this one in a grassy area behind 1317 Tate, where vehicle tire tracks may tell more of the story.

"This area was a madhouse last night," says Dance.

He shakes his head when asked about the start to a tragic new year. Earlier Monday in Alcorn County, three people died in a structure fire, including two young children.

Five Alcorn County tragic deaths in one day — the law enforcement leader and other emergency works can hardly believe it.

"This is not a good start to 2019," says the police chief. "We are now praying for a better year."

Corinth police are investigating the apparent double homicide as officers were responding to "shots fired" outside 1315 Tate.

Police found 28-year-old Daniel Sanquez Gunn of 1614 Strickland Street shot to death in the front yard of the residence on the sidewalk. He had a bullet wound to the side of the chest.

After securing the area — police found 27-year-old Latavious Dontrial Rogers of 1315 Tate shot to death in the back yard of the adjacent residence. The victim had a bullet wound to the chest.

It was not clear if the shooting victims were shot multiple times. One gun was recovered from the crime scene, said Dance.

Why so much bloodshed?

"We are not sure what happened," says the police chief. "When we are comfortable as to what happened, we will release more details."

Police investigators remained on the scene until 3 a.m. searching for clues and gathering evidence.

Neighbors and potential eyewitnesses were being questioned as investigators try to determine a motive in the apparent double murder.