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Girl Scouts begin taking pre-orders for cookies

Local Girl Scouts are now taking pre-orders, and cookies are due to arrive in the Crossroads area the week of Feb. 20.



Ready to challenge even the most stalwart New Year's resolution, Girl Scout cookies are available for pre-order in the Crossroads area.

The 102nd year of Girl Scouts selling cookies began Saturday and the 2019 cookie season is at hand.

"Let your number one resolution this year be to help make sure that the next generation of female entrepreneurs are ready by buying Girl Scout Cookies," said Kimberly Crafton, Chief Governance and Strategic Engagement Officer, Girl Scouts Heart of the South.

She added that modern Girl Scouts set out to sell delicious cookies while also building entrepreneurial and business skills that are imperative for leadership and future success. Almost 1 million Girl Scouts nationally participate in the cookie program each year, generating nearly $800 million in sales during the average season. And all the net revenue raised—100 percent of it—stays within the area.

Girl Scout Recruitment Coordinating Specialist and Troop 23806 Leader Nikki Smith said local Girl Scouts are now taking pre-orders. Girl Scout cookies are due to arrive in the area the week of Feb. 20.

There are several ways to order cookies. One is to place an order with a local Girl Scout. Another method is to download the Girl Scout Cookie app, which can be used once the cookie shipments come in to locate a cookie booth, or one can order and request it be delivered by a Girl Scout.

"Ordering online is great because you can get keep the tradition of having a Girl Scout deliver cookies to your door, but with the modern convenience of being able to pay online," said Smith.

Girl Scout cookies are not only popular for their taste, councils use cookie earnings to power important experiences for girls through their programming, while girls and their troops decide how to invest in impactful community projects, personal enrichment opportunities and more.

Every level of Girl Scouts from a 5-year-old Daisy to a 17-year-old Ambassador has the chance to earn badges in Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Badges each year during the once a year Girl Scout Cookie Season. Daisies (grades K "" 1st) can earn their Money Count badge with three others. Brownies (grades 2nd "" 3rd) can earn up to 6 badges. Juniors (grades 4th and 5th) can earn up to five badges. Cadettes (grades 6th "" 8th) can earn up to 6 badges. Seniors (grades 9th "" 10th) can earn up to 7 badges and Ambassadors (grades 11th "" 12th) can earn up to 4 badges all related to financial literacy.

"Girl Scout Cookies are a fantastic and fun way for girls to learn essential life skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics," said Melanie Schild, CEO of Girl Scouts Heart of the South. "It's not just a chance for them to sell a product and raise funds, it's a chance for them to learn true entrepreneurship, leadership and financial literacy while providing the public with a tasty treat that after more than a century, has become an American tradition."