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Police warn of counterfeit cash

Some of the fake bills passed in Corinth this week are marked with Chinese characters.

Several fake bills have surfaced in the city in the past week, prompting the Corinth Police Department to warn residents to be on the lookout for funny money.

An individual received a couple of hundreds that have pink Chinese markings on the front and back and appears to have been purchased on the Internet. While those markings are an obvious sign of fake money, the feel of the bills is "not bad" and could slip through if someone is not paying attention, said Police Chief Ralph Dance.

"People need to be aware this money is floating around out there," he said. "Pay attention to your money. When you cash a check or you get change at a supermarket or someone buys something from you from a yard sale, you really need to look at your twenties and your one hundreds."

While the hundreds were not intended as counterfeits, "People have figured out they they can con people with it," said Dance.

Similar bills can be found for sale online, often described as prop money or play money.

A fake $20 bill turned over to the police department had a backwards letter "N" in the serial number, the word "copy" under the serial number and "Cruger" under the portrait of Andrew Jackson.

In the case of the fake hundred dollar bills, the police department has a suspect.

Dance encourages businesses to check bills with a marking pen and to check the built-in security features, including the watermarks and security strip.

Any fake bills obtained by the police department are turned over to the Secret Service.