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Board updates public participation policy

Now more than one person can address the school board.

A policy change recently voted on by the Alcorn School District Board of Education will allow up to three parents or concerned citizens to address the board about the same general subject.

It's part of the BCBI Public Participation policy that prior to the change only allowed one person to address the board from the same like-minded group.

The policy became a topic of debate in recent months.

Member Ann Little said the policy that limited the number of people who can address the board from one group needed work.

First adopted in 2016, the old policy stated that a single spokesperson should be chosen for a group requesting to speak to the board. According to the previous policy, "such spokesperson shall be the only voice of the group."

Little said it was unfair to the community.

"If a group of 25 come to this board with a concern, I do not feel like we should only allow one person from that group the opportunity to speak," said the board member, who represents the Alcorn Central area.

The change is effective immediately.

In other business, the board voted to receive bids on 12 surplus buses.

"Those buses may not be disposed of quickly as we determine if any engines, tires or other parts might can be used on other buses," said Superintendent Larry B. Mitchell. "There are still several of buses that are usable and running, if anyone is interested."

Mitchell also told board members that bond money would pay for a new roof at Alcorn Central Elementary School.

The project will include new gutters and downspouts. Cost will be around $35,000 and also include the installation of new LED lightning inside the gym.