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County voters inline with state


By Zack Steen


Alcorn County voters were inline with the rest of the state following Tuesday's midterm election runoff.

Locals choose Republication U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith over Democrat challenger Mike Espy which helped the incumbent Hyde-Smith win the statewide office.

The ballot included two other races for district judicial seats.

Alcorn County results matched districtwide numbers giving the Chancery Judge District 1 Place 1 race to Prentiss County native Brad Tennison over Tupelo native Lisa Ann Koon, while Lee County native Kelly Mims was victorious over Tupelo native Sadie Gardner for the Circuit Judge District 1 Place 3 seat.

With approximately 24,500 registered voters in the county, voter turnout was 37 percent as 9,230 residents participated. The number was around 1,000 voters less than Nov. 6 race which saw 10,241 vote.

Machine totals Tuesday numbered 8,843 with 387 absentees. Yet to be counted were 44 affidavits including four for no voter id.

Officials said Alcorn County voter turnout on Tuesday was more than expected.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the number of voters who came back to vote in the runoff,"� said Deputy Circuit Clerk Crystal Starling. "We are really proud of Alcorn County for showing up."�

Starling said interest leading up to Tuesday's runoff election has been high, but said she expected less than 60 percent to return to the polls.

"To have over 90 percent back to cast their vote is amazing,"� she added.


Alcorn County results in the chancery count race included Tennison with 5,286 (63 percent) to Koon's 2,965 (35 percent). The circuit court race saw Mims collect 5,292 (63 percent) to Gardner's 3,038 (36 percent).

In Prentiss County, Tennison received 5,534 (80 percent) to Koon's 1,353 (19 percent) while Mims received 4,098 (60 percent) to Gardner's 2,636 (39 percent).

Koon carried Tishomingo County with 3,048 (59 percent) to Tennison's 2,042 (40 percent), while Mims received 2,723 (55 percent) to Gardner's 2,199 (44 percent).

Districtwide Tennison's number was 46,252 (61 percent) to Koon's 30,136 (39 percent), while Mims received 42,833 (60 percent) to Gardner's 28,063 (40 percent).


In Alcorn County, Espy secured 2,073 (23 percent) to Hyde-Smith's whooping 7,105 taking more than 77 percent of the vote.

Hyde-Smith also took Tishomingo County with 4,393 (83 percent) to Espy's 829 (15 percent).

In Prentiss County, it was Hyde-Smith again securing 5,197 (73 percent) to Espy's 1,823 (25 percent).

With all but 25 precincts reporting statewide, Hyde-Smith received 468,497 (54 percent) to Espy's 402,721 (46 percent).

Shortly past 9 p.m., The Associated Press declared Hyde-Smith the winner.