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CHS Follies celebrates 21st century

Staff photo by Zack Steen

The 2018 edition of Follies features more than 115 Corinth High School seniors.

BY ZACK STEEN zsteen@dailycorinthian.com

High school seniors will take attendees back a decade in the Class of 2018 edition of Follies.

More than 115 graduating Corinth High School seniors will present "Y2Follies" next week in the CHS auditorium. The show will highlight the millennium.

"All of these kids were born in either 1999 or 2000, so we have a lot of fun with Y2K and the entire 2000s decade," said Taylor Coombs, Follies director. "It's a fun show that these seniors have really enjoyed working on. They are have written pretty much everything theirselves and they are doing all the performing."

Shows will begin nightly at 7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Tickets are $10 each and will be available for purchase in the CHS office during school hours or at the door prior to each show.

"Ringing in the new year in 2000 is something that I vividly remember and I'm so thankful the world didn't end because I would've never known these awesome kids," added Coombs. "This is year number five for me to be helping with Follies and fourth year as director and I love it more and more each year. I'm so thankful we get to go to school in June so that we have less conflicts and more of the senior class can be involved. I don't have any kids of my own and totally adopt them for a couple of months. Everyone in my office laughs because when they all move in August I empty nest just like parents do."

Songs sung by seniors in Follies include "We're Not Gonna Take It," "Girls Night Out," "Young, Dumb and Broke," "Tonight" and "Stuck in the Middle With You."

More than a dozen skits are part of the show including one featuring those students who work or have family who work at Gardner's and Roger's Supermarkets.

Coombs said she's thankful for all the help she and the cast have received this year.

"A big shout out to assistant director Ashley Clausel and all of our backstage assistants including Linde Avent and Anna Lisa Powell, as well as the parents, students and all volunteers for helping build sets, bring water and helping me keep my sanity," she added.

Coombs is also thankful for the show's live band members who include Brandon Bingham, Brian Graham, Cindy Mathis, Allen Woodhouse and Scotty Michael.

The cast of seniors includes Dustin Albarracin, Kiernan Alexander, Lane Avant, Jackson Bailey, Michael Baugus, Caitlynn Ballard, Dedria Beene, Emilshawua Blair, Braddock Brawner, Ginna Kate Bumpass, Baylee Cain, Akaya Campbell, Aleix Chase, Hannah Cooley, Kelby Corbin, Hannah Cox, Carter Crozier, Nico Crump, Janelys Cruz- Rodriguez, Brittany Cummings, Thomas Davis, William Davis, Olivia Dilworth, Amanda Dorsett, Lauren Kate Drewry, Emma Edwards, Jordan Edwards, Lauren Edwards, Baylor Frazier, Jamie Gambino, Will Gardner, Abby Greene, Hallie Harris, Caleb Henson, Emily Henson, Sydney Hight, Sam Holt, Laura Kate Inman, Kirsten Jacobs, Hannah Johnson, Anakin Jones, Chris Kelley, Laikyn King, Treven Knight, Lizzie Lee, Molly McDonald, Browning Meyer, Garrett Mills, Weston Mitchell, Annie Monroe, Macy Moore, Gabreana Moss, Gabriele Moss, Lily Null, Jacob Nunley, Daniel Nutter, Maddy Oaks, Clara Parker, Parth Patel, Zaquariya Patterson, Will Pearce, Nate Piersky, William Pittman, Juan Ramirez Balderas, Kyler Rickman, Megan Roach, Shyron Rodgers, Bianey Rodriguez, Holly Ross, Hunter Saul, Ivy Savell, Hayden Scarbrough, Levi Seals, Tatiana Selmon, Daebreon Shanks, Harlea Shaw, LaBarrion Shelton, Daniza Shields, Rosley Smith, Jackson Strickland, Tada Stricklen, Tri Talley, Anna Grace Thompson, Brandon Thompson, Hughes Tomlinson, Alex Trice, Quanjonique Triplett, Kyle Urvina, Codie Lyn Vanderford, Aniya Walker, Azaria Walker, TJ Walker, JonD Warren, Austin White, Ansley Wigginton, Catherine Wilbanks, Charmaine Wooden and Kate Madden Worsham.