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MRHC loves Le Bonheur

Staff Photo by L.A. Story

Celeste Ross, Office Clerk - CVT Clinic (from left), Connie Haygood - Manager, Special Events Foundation, LeBonheur Children's Hospital, and Morganna Fisher - CLPN Magnolia Cardiovascular & Thoracic Clinic, Magnolia Heart Valve Clinic and MRHC Gives Committee, display the shirts available for MRHC's 2018 charity choice, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

By L.A. Story lastory@dailycorinthian.com

Many doctors and Magnolia Regional Health Center employees recently expressed their thoughts regarding Le Bonheur Children's Hospital being chosen as the MRHC Gives 2018 charity.

This is the second year the area hospital has chosen a charity based on employee votes, said Morganna Fisher, CLPN Magnolia Cardiovascular & Thoracic Clinic, Magnolia Heart Valve Clinic and MRHC Gives Committee.

Last year, hospital employees chose to support the Corinth-Alcorn County Humane Society's Animal Shelter.

Fisher explained that toward the end of the year the hospital has a charity fair where non-profits are given the opportunity to have booths set up where they can explain to MRHC employees why they should vote for them.

The charity the hospital will choose to help for the year is determined afterward by an employee vote.

This year, the employees chose Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and many of the employees did not hesitate to share their positive reaction to the choice.

"My family is very blessed to have such an amazing children's hospital close to home. We have been going for almost 11 years. Every visit, we receive the best care possible from everyone. We go now every three months to see Pulmonology Group and look forward to every visit," said Jennifer Carpenter CLPN, mother to 11-year-old Katie, Le Bonheur CF patient.

"Le Bonheur holds a special place in my heart as I was an ER physician there for eight years. In my 22 years at MRHC, I have worked with Le Bonheur on more cases than I can count. I am thrilled that the MRHC employees recognize the importance of having a children's hospital of Le Bonheur's caliber nearby and for choosing them as MRHC's 2018 Charity of Choice," said Dr. F.E. "Gene" Combest, M.D.

"As an employee here at MRHC, and a mother who is all too familiar with Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, I was beyond ecstatic that my coworkers and I were able to choose Le Bonheur as our charity this year. Le Bonheur's team has always went above and beyond in taking care of my son since infancy.

"I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the love and care each staff member has shown our family during our visits, operations and over night stays. They truly make you feel at home when you're there. I am proud to be an MRHC employee who can say that they are given very good care on the home front, as well as the front lines. Thanks Le Bonheur, and thanks MRHC for caring," said Olivia Lauren Rowe, ENT Supervisor, Registration Clerk.

"Le Bonheur Children's Hospital provides exceptional care for children and we are happy to support them as our charity of choice," said Branson Bolden, M.D.

"I'm very pleased that Le Bonheur is the Charity of Choice. It's a fantastic organization that has a large outreach program that we use for referrals and specialties all the time. It's very important to feel comfortable and safe when treating our children and Le Bonheur does this very well. Grateful to be a part of an organization that recognizes this," said Hannah Beckham, FNP-C.

"As a parent who has used Le Bonheur and as a nurse who works with pediatrics, I will attest that Le Bonheur is a worthy cause. We have seen and personally experienced the phenomenal care that they give to their patients. This is an opportunity for us to help those who help us. Very pleased with this choice," said Aubrey Morelock, CLPN.

"I am so grateful that MRHC has chosen Le Bonheur as our charity this year. When I decided I wanted to become a Pediatrician, I knew that I wanted to train at Le Bonheur.

"As a hometown girl I knew I wanted to come back, but I wanted to make sure I had the best training possible and also be able to network with Le Bonheur because I knew this would be my main referral source.

"The care and training I received at Le Bonheur was one of the best experiences of my life and I am so thankful for that. I am excited to be able to be a part now of giving back and grateful that MRHC has chosen such a worthy cause for our community and children," said Blakley Fowler, M.D.

"Choosing Le Bonheur hospital as Magnolia Regional Health Center's charity of choice is well deserving. Le Bonheur provides a vast amount of resources and specialties to children in the North Mississippi area," said Alicia Pressley-Moss.

Established in 1952, and located in Memphis, Tenn., Le Bonheur Children's Hospital has been recognized among the nation's "Best Children's Hospitals" by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years. They are a Magnet-designated facility, which is regarded as the ultimate credential for high-quality care.

A representative of Le Bonheur conveyed a personal message regarding MRHC choosing to support the children's hospital this year.

"We're so honored to be chosen this year to be the recipient of Magnolia's fundraising efforts from the community and from the hospital," said Connie Haygood, Manager, Special Events Foundation, LeBonheur Children's Hospital. "We service and treat so many children from North Mississippi that we truly really feel like we're a community partner. So, to be able to partner with another hospital and know that they believe in our mission, they believe in what we're trying to do in the community and the region ... Well, it just makes you feel like a family."