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Firefighters battle vehicle junkyard fire

Black smoke pillows high above the Wednesday fire just off U.S. 72 west of Corinth as Corinth firemen attack the blaze.

Photo by Mark Boehler

Black billows of smoke reaching high into a blue sky above Corinth could be seen for miles during the noon Wednesday lunch rush hour.

As onlookers and emergency workers poured onto the scene just off U.S. 72 west of the Corinth city limits near Magnolia Regional Heath Center, a common questioned developed.

What's on fire?

It was a heaping pile of wrecked vehicles engulfed in flames, producing pitch black smoke and an occasional small explosion.

"It's just a bunch of wrecked vehicles on fire," said Corinth Fire Department Chief Todd Welch at the scene. "That's all it is."

It was unclear what started the fire, which started about 11 a.m., said Welch.

The fire was under control after an hour, but flames were not completely knocked down after an estimated four-hour battle until about 3 p.m., said the fire chief.

The fire was on the back side of a large vehicle junkyard behind Cars for Less on property owned by Teddy Null, he said.

Three units from Corinth were at the scene, as well as volunteer units from Farmington, Wenasoga, Kossuth, Southwest and Glen.

"There were no injuries," said Welch. "Everything went well."

Cause will remain undetermined.

"We really don't know what happened," he said.

Also assisting were units from the Corinth Police Department for help with traffic flow on U.S. 72.