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Land fund encourages economic development

By Zack Steen

In order for Corinth and Alcorn County to land the next big employer, The Alliance must ensure they have the best industrial land to offer.

Many of the available local sites in The Alliance portfolio have been acquired thanks to community supporters.

The Alliance "" the area's economic development arm "" purchases, prepares and markets several sites in Alcorn County through the contributions made by individuals and businesses to The Alliance Land Fund.

"The Land Fund has made it possible for The Alliance to provide sites to numerous new and expanding companies through the years," said Clayton Stanley, president of The Alliance. "As we look to attract new business and industry to our community, nothing is more critical than having available land with infrastructure in place in the hands of a cooperative seller."

Without the private sectors' donations to the Land Fund, Stanley said, "our community would not be in a competitive position."

The development of the RailHub Dual Rail Industrial Site on Kimberly-Clark Parkway and near U.S. 72 would not have been possible without the Land Fund, added Stanley.

"The RailHub is a huge step for The Alliance and our county, and we are thrilled to be in this position. While RailHub has gotten considerable focus recently, the Toyota/Mazda announcement could be a game changer for Alcorn County," he said. "We are now competitively positioned between two Toyota assembly plants."

As a result, Stanley intends to aggressively market not only available sites, but also the community to automotive suppliers. He said it's the reason why the Land Fund has never been more important.

"Not only does the Land Fund allow us to have attractive sites available to offer, but it also gives The Alliance the flexibility to react quickly on any site development needs that may arise during the marketing process," he added.

Stanley said having the right site does not guarantee success, but having no site guarantees no success.

"Industrial recruitment is a highly competitive business that is getting more competitive every day," said Stanley. "But we are so grateful for the community's continued support of this fund and of The Alliance in general. We have very high expectations, and with the help of supporters in the community, we believe a return on this investment is only a matter of time."

(For more information or to donate to the Land Fund, contact 662-287-5269.)