City schools set calendar

Corinth school leaders are considering cutting back on the length of spring break.

The district's board of trustees got a first look at the draft calendar for the 2018-2019 school year recently. The district will circulate the calendar for feedback before the board considers adopting it at a later date.

The change to the second extended break is based on feedback.

"They really like the October break, but the one thing I've heard is the March spring break got a little bit long," said Superintendent Lee Childress.

It is proposed to be two weeks rather than three weeks.

"We still need those 10 days for remediation and enrichment," said Childress.

The fall break will continue to be three weeks.

The proposed start date for the year is Monday, July 30, with staff development July 25-27. Fall break is set for Oct. 1 to Oct. 19, and the Thanksgiving break will be a full week.

The last day of classes before Christmas is proposed to be Friday, Dec. 21. The holiday break will be a full two weeks with students returning on Tuesday, Jan. 8, after professional development on Monday, Jan. 7.

The school year would end on Friday, June 7, with a full day.

It is a 180-day calendar with no "snow days."

In other business, Childress reported on this week's visit in the schools by the accrediting organization AdvancED. The team interviewed about 130 people and observed classes on the three campuses.

Childress said the group praised the district's bold steps with the modified school calendar and challenging curriculum, the district's efforts to ensure equity, and the district's strong stakeholder support.

The group's recommendations to the district are to implement a formal, district-wide structure for students to engage with adults in support of their educational experience; to develop a professional learning structure guided by data; and to develop a district-wide plan for professional learning communities.