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Archive Info:  News - Jul 03, 2018

100 year spruce-up

Staff photo by Mark Boehler

In the Alcorn County Courthouse's 100th anniversary year, the CARE Foundation will fund some landscaping improvements at court square.

By Jebb Johnston


Court square is set to get some landscaping improvements in a milestone anniversary year for the Alcorn County Courthouse.

The Board of Supervisors on Monday agreed to a proposal from the CARE Foundation to spruce up the grounds of the courthouse ahead of its 100th anniversary celebration event, which will be held in October.

A member of the CARE advisory board, Kenneth Williams, described the courthouse as "ground zero" for the downtown and the community in general.

"That's something we all ought to look forward to trying to do -- keep it the centerpiece of the whole community," he said.

CARE will invest about $30,000 over the next few years to improve and maintain the grounds.

"We're going to try to get it as nice as we can with the funds and then maintain it for you for a period of time before we hand it back to you," said Williams.

The project will not involve a great deal of change to the existing landscaping.

It will include pruning, cleaning up and the addition of some grass in areas that need it. It also looks at aesthetic details such as where to store trash cans.

The monthly maintenance cost is estimated to be no more than $750. In 2020, the county will begin to pay half that cost before taking on the full cost in 2021.

Plans are beginning for a courthouse anniversary celebration likely to be held on a Thursday evening in October. It's a day of the week that already brings a crowd to court square for the Pickin' on the Square event.

The event will likely include some speakers and an informal celebration with food.

With an endowment of approximately $1.5 million, Corinth-Alcorn Reaching for Excellence (CARE) distributes about $60,000 annually to community improvement projects.

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